Killer Ribs and Twisted Martinis


Our signature ribs are generously marinated in Balinese spices and glazed over charcoal with our famous bbq sauce. We have been perfecting our technique and flavor for years leaving our ribs tender and succulent. These sticky babies will have you licking your fingers and begging for more.


Our world famous Nuri’s Martinis feature 110ml of vodka or gin goodness in each icy cold serve. Chef Anthony Bourdain claimed them to be the best Martinis outside of New York…… and that guy knows his stuff.


In 1994 a young man named Brian Aldinger from New Jersey, was travelling around Java, Indonesia when he met a beautiful and interesting young woman called IsnuriSuryatmi (Nuri).

What people are saying...

Naughty Naughty Burger

"Great pork ribs worth every penny of it."


"The marinate for the ribs is great, though the bones aren’t super meaty."

Beef Short Ribs

"The pork rib worth trying!!!"